Tracks 4 Kids does a yearly seminar concerning Autism awareness that is free to the public.  Counselors may receive up to 2 hours of CEU credits and are encouraged to make donations to Tracks 4 Kids of 20 to 30 dollars when attending.  Last years seminar was held November 3rd (2018) at Filter(ed) Coffee House in Downtown McKinney Texas. The program was two hours in length and addressed the following topics: 

  • Defining Autism using the Fifth Addition Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
  • Treatment of Autism ( levels 1, 2, and 3)
  • Testing for Autism and
  • The cognitive thought processes involved in children who have the disorder

VERY informative and designed to help parents and counselors advance the welfare of Autistic children, this seminar will be held this year (2019) on April 13th at Filtered Coffee House. To find out more and register for the event go to our EVENT page. 

Tracks 4 Kids provides presentations both as scheduled seminars and upon request by agencies concerned about children with disabilities.  The list below shows topics that Tracks 4 Kids has presented to various institutions and community gatherings. 


  • Daring to Face Reality: A Teachers Challenge in Helping Parents Cope with Chronic Mental and Physical Health Conditions in Children
  • DIY Puppets to Support Children's Skill Development and Complex Thinking
  • Autism and Learning Disabilities Guide
  • Be Word Wise: Strategies to Promote Open Communication with Parents During Difficult Situations 
  • Asperger's in Our Children: A New Vision
  • ​Autism Awareness: Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorders and When to Refer for Testing

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