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Developing Social Programs for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Children With Autism

Creating a More Inclusive World for Children With Autism

Autistic children by their very nature are truly amazing. They tend to have incredible creative abilities. To use an old proverb, they tend to walk the road less traveled. In so doing they find possibilities we have never even dreamed of. Yet despite all these incredible traits, many of our autistic children face considerable challenges within our community. Difficulty communicating with others, high anxiety levels, having difficulty distinguishing between who is a good friend and who does not have their best interest at heart are just a few of the everyday issues they face. Tracks 4 Kids exists to help our autistic children overcome these challenges, to increase their feeling of self-worth and to help the community better understand our autistic young people.

Our Mission

Tracks 4 Kids is a nonprofit, comprehensive community-based resource serving the greater Collin & Grayson Counties. It enhances the quality of life for the patients and families we serve by bringing together educational resources, behavioral, allied health, and medical treatment services.

To achieve this mission, we provide social programs for children on the spectrum, free seminars on Autism and related comorbidities  and we started the "Building Up Steam Inititive," In which funds are raised for a single multipurpose clinical facility centered around steam engines.  We see a merging of classical train engines, clinical treatment for autism, and educational seminars all under one roof, a train roundhouse like you have never seen before that inspires creativity, imagination, drive and success in our young people. 


Our Services

Here at Tracks 4 Kids, we envision a world where children with autism can reach their full potential. Through our various services, we hope that we can enrich the lives of these children, their families, and the whole community.


We develop, implement and help to provide multiple programs that aim to give a fun way of learning for kids on the autism spectrum as well as their families. Our flagship program is our Leadership, Robotics and History Program. It is done every year, and helps teach our autistic children how to be leaders through their interest in trains.


We conduct a multitude of seminars free to the public every year to help educate individuals, families and agencies about Autism. Some examples are: Autism Awareness, Treatment of Autism, and Asperger's in Our Children.

Donating to Tracks 4 Kids

Tracks 4 Kids uses financial donations to support our social programs, Seminars, and our Building Up Steam Initiative in which we are working toward the construction of a clinical facility focused on the welfare of our Autistic children.

Help Us Support Kids With Autism

Let us build a better and more understanding world for children on the autism spectrum. Contact us today for more information.