Donating for a cause

Building up Steam

The term "donations," has multiple meanings, from the giving of financial resources to the contribution of an individuals time and physical effort.

Since 2013, Tracks 4 Kids has emphasized donations of time and effort that have resulted in multiple seminars and social programs for children with disabilities (Autism, ADHD, Asperger's etc.).

In 2018 Tracks 4 Kids found itself at a turning point.   We could continue as we were providing good educational seminars and social skills programs OR  we could work to expand our social programs and seminars and help an ever larger audience of children and through a grass roots format help our autistic children gain a voice in the community.    

We chose to give these children a voice.  To this end, the board of directors started the "Building up Steam" initiative, in which 60% of all donations will go toward the acquisition of buildings and land to provide a fun and resourceful location for our non-profit programs and seminars.  

Fifteen percent of all donations will go to seminars addressing disabilities in children, fifteen percent of all donations will go to social programs for  children with disabilities and ten percent will go to administrative needs. In summery, 90% of everything we raise through donations goes to help children with disabilities .  

We think we are on the right track 4 kids.


To learn more about our "vision" for the future and what donations can do to help our children and the community, click on the button bellow: The building up steam vision.