Our Vision

We envision a location and space where children want to be.  A place which taps into children’s imagination and creativity while providing the needed clinical resources to help them succeed in life. With that in mind we would like to give you a glimpse of the vision that we see for the future.

After parking their car in the side parking lot surrounded by green hedges, a young family exits their car and sees a tall arched metal entry sign standing above the main entrance to their destination.   It reads “Imagination Station,” and looks very much like an old train sign for a train depot.

Walking through the arch the family sees a small building with green siding.   A train crossing sign stands just to the right of the building.  As the children enter the building they can’t help but feel that they have stepped back in time to the old west…. around the 1910s or 1920s.    The waiting room (and conference room when seminars are being given) shows a train ticket counter, old railway line maps on the wall, and dates and time for departure of trains.  When the family is called to the back office for therapy, they find a room full of train memorabilia. An old train desk, model trains on the wall, furniture from the early 1900’s, everything feels like a train depot.

The children are on their toes with excitement.  Trains are everywhere!!  With a smile the counselor says, “I can see both of you like trains….would you like to get on a real train car?.”  In a short time, the counselor leads the family into the train yard. A red caboose reading E&T Railway sits on its tracks just waiting to be explored.     


Children have untapped levels of imagination and creativity.  Imagine the possibilities in the setting shown above.   Even better are the services that could and would be implemented in such a setting.

  • Group therapy for children in need of social, communication, and or cooperation skill development
  • Free educational seminars to the public on what Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and related mental disorders are and possible ways to treat them      

  • Free Autism treatment every other Saturday morning for families with low economic resources                                                                                                
  • Social skills outings for children who lack social skill development                                     


  • These outings would range from creative building challenges in which the kids work as a group to build trains or spaceships with Lego’s to actual outings around downtown McKinney or Allen Texas, using historical buildings as markers for treasure hunts.                                                                                                                  
  • Family social events for children with disabilities

  • Community outreach meetings on how to advance the welfare of our autistic children and young adults

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